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What is Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)?


Search engines are where people go these days to look for businesses. So it makes sense that you would want to optimise for them – after all, we want to be found by customers! 

Search engines like Google have replaced older directory services like the yellow pages, or the thomson local book. People have moved away from using these oldersearch methods, so ccompanies need to adapt and change with the times.

When SEO Falkirk optimises a website, we are trying to get these search engines to look at us favourably, so we show higher in the search results. Thr higher you can rank, the more pople find you, the more business you get! 

Now people are searching on mobile devices, and demand fast website load times that look good – and that is exactly what we deliver.


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Are you ready for your business to be found online?

SEO has become a major business growth tool over the last decade. Most SEO companies have it wrong! They concentrate on positions, not earnings. Rankings and visitors are fantastic, but when those people do not convert into cash, it does not matter. At SEO Falkirk all we care about is just how much profit and revenue we could drive to your business.

Bulletproof your site against the ticking time bomb of constant Google updates. We do not rely upon any one specific strategy to rank your site near the very top of Google (like most SEO Agencies). Rather, our plan is to use a huge array of white hat approaches that guarantee a defensible stronghold in your positions and results.

The problem of any search engine optimization campaign is dependent upon the amount of rivalry. Just like going into battle; we carefully evaluate the terrain, size up the competition and put together a strategy which can defeat the competition and leave them crying for mercy. Business is serious to us.

Keeping this in mind, we do not just rush into choosing keywords and start implementing strategies. Every business differs, so we approach every search engine optimization campaign using a custom strategy and follow these 3 measures to make sure we slaughter your competitors, every time.

Assess the competition


First, we evaluate your site’s structure, amount of pages, indexation behaviour and connection portfolio and run a comprehensive evaluation about the competitive landscape that shapes your business online. We leave no stone unturned, actually digging-deep to learn precisely what your competitors are around.


According to our evaluation, we carefully draft a plan that exposes your opponents’ weaknesses and get a strategy set up to — close the gap, then crush the competition. This entails an assortment of tactics — from getting their backlink portfolio, to finding out their most rewarding important keyword phrases. We go the extra mile every time, since it is where 95 percent of additional search engine optimization agencies get it wrong.


win with strategy


As they say, “vision without implementation is hallucination”. We wont waste time in placing the wheels in motion and implementing our revolutionary SEO strategy. We put the man-hours in required to secure you incredible results.

Not many searches on page one of Google will be the same. So while you may be running Google AdWords or look on Google Maps you’re probably missing out on the majority of the traffic!.

Just how much traffic and potential business are you overlooking precisely? The typical click-through rate for paid search and using Google Maps only represent a tiny percentage of visitors. Therefore, if you’re relying entirely off Google AdWords to get your visitors, you’re missing out on 85 percent of the visitors searching via Google.

SEO services we offer our clients


  1. Standard SEO starter package
  2. Advanced SEO services 
  3. Google Data Studio
  4. Keyword research 
  5. On and off-page optimization
  6. Social media optimization
  7. Website back-linking
  8. High quality content design
  9. 500+ word targets on up to 6 pages 
  10. Schema markup 
  11. Google Analytics and Ad Word services 

SEO Services

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