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What is PPC Marketing?

Pay Per Clicking is paying for adverts on places like Google,  where the ads appear above and below the organic search results.


Facebook PPC, is running adverts on Facebook. Targeting people  while they are on Social Media with a great offer is really effective and you should consider it.









The Importance of SEO and PPC

So, it’s really important that if you do have a local business you have a very low cost per click bid, the potential ROI is fantastic, and it can be a great way to get more business. If you aren’t using it, you are missing out.

Every Case is Different

Most Businesses aren’t using PPC, they just think ‘this wouldn’t work for us’ or ‘that’s not for us’, they don’t know just how profitable PPC can be.

Facebook Ads have been hyped and pretty sexy these past couple years. If you know what user intent is ( that’s how you know where to spend your money ) you can open up a whole new cutomer base.

How To Advertise On Google

Paid ads get you more business, it is that simple. But it is really important you get your foundational SEO right first.

Customers are searching for the services you provide – so why wouldn’t you invest in that? You could even try it yourself!

Personally, I am Google Ads qualified, so that really helps. I have the experience to get your campaigns up and running. If you don’t have a budget, then try DIY! You CAN learn this – hiring me just speeds up the process.

PPC Marketing

It really is part of a good overall strategy, it shouldn’t be relied on as a soul means of driving revenue.

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