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Web Design

Websites are how customers find you 24/7: it needs to convert and it needs SEO!

PPC Marketing

Paid ads on Google help you connect with the people looking for your services .

SEO Services

SEO is amazing for local business marketing, always start here.

Landing Pages

Got a great offer? Let’s get a Landing Page made and run traffic to it.

Facebook Advertising

Social Platforms are sexy- grab peoples attention with an offer and know your audience.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)


As an expert SEO agency in Falkirk, Scotland, we help local businesses with their website and improve their organic search engine rankings ( more people see your site). As an SEO consultant, i have built up a lot of expertise and have great insights on how to get more people looking at your business. Because we what the search engines like Google etc. want, we can build websites that perform really well. Every digital strategy should start with organic traffic, a great second step is paid advertising such as Pay Per Click (PPC). I am a Google certified professional, so i know how to squeeze the most out of your budget.

Our SEO services are based in Falkirk, Scotland but our knowledge let’s us help companies all over the UK, all our work is custom fit to whoever we are working with because every business is different. Not everyone has the budget for a professional copywriter, so we can help you produce high quality content to suit your business needs.

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Making an Impact For Local Businesses

At  SEO Falkirk we believe in Local Business Marketing and want to help companies grow their online marketing to it’s full potential.

We know all about getting websites up and running, applying white-hat SEO to those sites, and growing into PPC Marketing on Google and Facebook. Make us your go to digital agency.

Don’t Get Confused

SEO is the basis of a great Digital Marketing Strategy, but the terms can be a little confusing. SEO and SEM, don’t worry – we will keep it simple.

PPC can go a few different names, ppc marketing, paid search, paid social, Facebook ads, Google ppc, you see my point? it’s all the same idea and yes, we can do that for you.

Websites are important, they should always be converting in the way that best serves your Business. People will be searching for your services and you’ll be missing out on those opportunities.

There is a method with everything we do at SEO Falkirk, that’s what makes us so successful. No gut feelings, no guessing. Data driven decisions for local seo packages.

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